Jill H.

I highly recommend Tracy’s health coaching! While I had no trouble with my workout routine and ate well, I struggled with snacking. With Tracy’s help, I learned to add intentional low-calorie snacks to my diet to avoid high calorie end-of-the-day snacking.  Our sessions together focused on setting goals, developing new habits that supported me, and working on methods for long-term success. I still use her eating tips and make her famous green drinks whenever I can!


I fondly remember our conversations and her support, specifically, how Tracy gave me the individual attention that I needed. She went out of her way to make sure that each session focused on what was important uniquely to me and my goals, which greatly enhanced the overall value of the combined sessions. You won’t go wrong working with Tracy. She is truly gifted at what she does, and she makes the journey fun!

Meagan S.

I am honored to provide feedback on the benefits of having Tracy Desjardins as a health coach. I have been on a journey this past year to improve my health and well-being. I discovered (admitted) that I am addicted to sugar and desired to finally do something about it.  I have previously attempted to use dieting to get healthy which I have realized doesn't solve anything as it is temporary and not a lifestyle. 


So, after 2 failed attempts of trying to quit sugar, I knew I couldn't do it alone and needed more support. It was important enough for me and my health to make the investment, which has honestly paid for itself already in the amount I'm saving on feeding my sugar habit (not to mention the health benefits/savings).

I am so grateful for the coaching that Tracy provided. At 53 years old, I haven't been able to do this on my own.  I don't mean to be dramatic, but this experience truly changed my life.  I never thought it even possible to be free from the bonds and chains of my sugar addiction, but after working with Tracy for 90 days of individual coaching, I have accomplished just that. 

While my journey wasn't perfect, I now have the tools and knowledge that are allowing me to continue my sugar-free lifestyle. I initially went through a grieving process as I often turned to sugar as a friend. In fact, I signed up with blind faith, not even really wanting to quit sugar as I thought I loved sugar. Instead, I now don't need any substance to help or feed me. 

I am thrilled that sugar and bingeing no longer occupy my every thought. And when I'm faced with what Tracy calls "snake pit moments" I hear her words in my head and remember how we have been able to navigate through them successfully in the past.  I am eternally grateful to Tracy as she literally saved my life. She helped me deconstruct my slips so we could figure out how to avoid them in the future and she inspired me with her own lifestyle to know that it is possible to live this lifestyle.  My why's for doing this have also changed.  As with so many, I approached this with weight loss in mind, but have come away with such different why's now that I'm on the other side. 


While I have lost weight (13 lbs.), this about so much more than weight loss. So many things have improved (sleep, energy, focus, my skin, inflammation, allergies, mood) and I look forward to long term health benefits (as sugar is a drug and a poison that can contribute to Alzheimers, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc.)


From the depths of my soul, THANK YOU TRACY DESJARDINS!