Hi, I'm Tracy

Do you struggle with diets, food restrictions, exercise plans and countless attempts to lose unwanted weight and body fat?

Do you find yourself “starting over” on your next chosen diet or plan that you HOPE will be the solution to sustaining weight loss success?

Do you have the secret desire that IF ONLY you could lose weight and figure out how to eat to keep it off, then your life will take off for you?  That you’ll THEN have the energy and mental space to DO YOUR THING and live your life at it’s fullest?

That was me, friends, for decades.  I GET YOU.

I was an overweight little girl with an abundant, joyful spirit who wore plus size clothing and LOVED food (especially sweets) and loved LIFE.

Around age 12, I sold my free-spirited self in exchange for diets, food restrictions, and the quest for weight loss. I believed that somehow I was “not enough”  and that I desperately needed to change my body to conform to societal standards of beauty and thin-ness in order to be accepted, successful and loved.  I took on the toxic belief that dieting would promise me the perfect body that meant a perfect life.

My food story as it relates to dieting became an inner battleground with myself in my early teens that I tirelessly fought and hid in shame for decades. I lost and gained weight repeatedly but could never sustain success and my binge eating disorder and sugar addiction grew stronger with each attempt. I pounded my body with hard workouts, attempting to “out exercise” my food binges. This never worked. I only felt temporarily better and my cycle of hell continued.

I used to try to out-exercise poor eating habits and sugar junk food binges that resulted from a rebellious attitude that was initiated from the act of restrictive dieting for weight loss. After decades of fighting with myself, food and my body, I finally surrendered to ideas that I never knew were waiting for me to explore.

There HAD to be a better way to live. 

I wanted truth. I wanted freedom from the bondage I felt from my inner war with all things ME.   I was physically tired from this battle but most importantly, emotionally I was dying. 

I surrendered myself to become curious and open. I learned fresh perspectives within my heart and soul that provided a beacon of light as to what was holding me back and what held the answers to my freedom. 

I discovered that I had my own power and solutions all along.  So do you.  I just needed some loving guidance to discover this.  So do you.

This is now my life’s mission and purpose.  I dedicate my life now to YOU, the amazing woman who knows there is a better way. YOU, who are willing to consider that there are tools and discoveries of your very own, that hold the answers to your freedom with food and body.

You, too, can find your solutions to end the war with food, exercise, and all the pop culture that steals our money and our hope. 

What you need you already HAVE.  Let me guide you to find this, figure it out with you and allow me to pay it forward, what I have learned and implemented that truthfully, saved my life.

Bring on YOUR best self, wearing those tight clothes that are collecting dust in your closet. Your lean, strong, vibrant version of you who KNOWS how to eat to sustain your results and take your life purpose by the horns to ROCK YOUR BEST DIVA LIFE…..in those clothes that now slide on.

  • My childhood dream was to be one of those ice skaters with the feathers on the Donny & Marie Show.
  • I love mini weenie dogs to the moon and back. I have 2.
  • I love Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang movies.
  • I love aerobics classes and jumping around with others.
  • I love cheese….too much.
  • My laugh is embarrassingly contagious, my family reports.
  • I once got ISS (in school suspension) for “uncontrollable laughter in the classroom”.
  • One of my faults is I fear criticism and judgement. A work in progress here.
  • One of my dream vacations is going roller skating outdoors in Venice Beach, CA. Planning this one.
  • Pelicans and iguanas both bring me instant JOY.