Does This Sound Like You?


◾️ I'm sick and tired of losing then regaining weight

◾️ I am confused about what food plan to follow

◾️ I'm disgusted when I weigh myself

◾️ I can't stop eating sweets and carbs no matter how hard I try

◾️ I wish I could fit into the "too tight" clothes in my closet again

◾️ I just want to be happy and not obsess about food all the time


If you said YES to all or some of the statements above, my friend, you are in the right place and we are going to be pals.

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Hi, I’m Tracy Desjardins, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Instructor, and author who understands the struggle with dieting, overweight, and emotional eating challenges. I personally know how painful these struggles can be, and how they can hold us back from living the life we were meant to live.

I spent over three decades of my life stuck in the cycle of restrictive dieting, binge eating, and starting over with more willpower. I knew no other way. I just believed I had to simply harder the next time. And no one knew my secret battles. Underlying my dieting warpath was the belief that I had to fix my overweight body to fit into society for approval and to feel loved by the world and myself.


My food story as it relates to dieting became an inner battleground with myself in my teens that I tirelessly fought and hid in shame for decades. I lost and gained weight repeatedly but could never sustain success and my binge eating disorder and sugar addiction grew stronger with each attempt. I pounded my body with hard workouts, attempting to “out exercise” my food binges. This never worked. I only felt temporarily better and my cycle of hell continued for decades.


One day, after one final rebellious binge on ice cream, I finally accepted that I needed help with my shameful secret and I surrendered to ideas that I never knew were waiting for me to explore. These ideas became tools that unknowingly helped me release my self-bondage and helped me not only to lose my unwanted weight but to rescue a part of me that was in perpetual war with myself. The biggest gift was that I discovered self-trust with food on my own terms and newfound freedom to live the life I was created for. And THIS tasted so much better than ice cream.


Today, my life mission is to help other amazing women, like YOU, find their own path of excellence with food, body, and self to create their very own sustainable terms that support them from the inside out. Yes, even with holidays, vacations, and special occasions, which are part of celebrating life! In this way, there is no longer a need to diet, restrict and live in misery to lose weight and find our best selves.

When we discover our own pathway that works uniquely for US, we can then channel our energy into living life in ways that fill our lovely souls with true joy. Freedom with food, body, and self unleashes our potential to become stronger, resilient, holistic divas! Look out, world, here YOU come!

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